3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Virtually

Three Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Virtually

The month of February serves to reaffirm and uphold Black peoples' historical importance in America. Due to the pandemic and the country's general modernizing, in 2021, this national holiday will unfold on most digital platforms. With this month's learnings being promoted on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, and content curation expanding on dedicated Pinterest boards,  it can be easy to forget other alternative ways to support digitally. 

Here are a few ways to enhance your Black History Month celebration and make an impact digitally. 


Content Sharing

Content sharing is probably one of the most popular forms of celebrating Black History Month, but it's essential to do this intentionally and thoughtfully. Whether you are on the sharing or receiving end of the content, it's your responsibility to fact check and ensure its accuracy - especially before passing it on. We have a great responsibility to retell the stories of those that came before us, but it's critical to e...

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