How Microaggressions Have An Impact On Workplace Culture and Interactions

How Microaggressions Have An Impact On Workplace Culture

By: Cory Utsey


Prejudice in professional spaces takes various forms, but commonly presents itself as both overt and subtle microaggressions.

Microaggressions are everyday verbal or behavioral interactions that communicate some form of bias, prejudice, or negative attitudes towards a marginalized group. The ramifications of these interactions, though often unintentional, undermine the qualifications of these groups and ultimately reflect the unacknowledged biases that ostracize Black people and other people of color, women, queer people, and people with disabilities.

Additionally, microaggressions challenge the values, behaviors, and beliefs that intend to create a sustainable workplace culture for employees. When employees begin believing that a company’s culture does not align with its actual climate, it is likely that they will feel alienated, hindering their ability or desire to make meaningful professional connections. The first step in avoiding such stigmatizati...

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