The Danger of the Black Women Superhero Trope

The Danger of the Black Women Superhero Trope

From an outside perspective, the phrase “Black women saved America” or “Black women are our saviors” sounds like a compliment. After the 2020 Presidential Election and pivotal Georgia Senate Runoff, these pseudo-praises grew abundant on social media.

This is because 90 percent of Black women voted Democrat for the Presidential election while 91 percent of Black women also voted Democrat in the Georgia Runoff election. Additionally, former Georgia Representative Stacey Abrams partnered with Black women organizers from across the state to raise awareness about voter suppression and encourage Georgians to vote in record numbers. Considering this, it is somewhat understandable why these “savior” slogans have become popular online and subsequently in real life. To many, Black women did save America, and without Black women’s impact on the local and national elections, outcomes would be completely different. 

The notion that ‘Black women saved America’ is harmful and places an unfair b...

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