This Woman Is Using Literacy Programs to Fight Racism (And Also Queering Weddings)

This Woman Is Using Literacy Programs to Fight Racism

Like all of us, L.S. Quinn has had to show a lot of flexibility during the pandemic. As a bookseller and wedding officiant, she has pivoted and adapted to keep both careers going. 

Her 20th year of performing marriage ceremonies has been unique, but it hasn’t been the most dramatic. Officiating queer weddings before marriage equality in the U.S. was an adventure, sometimes a dangerous one. 

“I was asked to perform a wedding for a couple that was under the threat of violence for getting married,” Quinn told Culture Hub by phone. “They couldn’t find a local pastor who would do a wedding and be willing to break the rules of their denomination [...] and also someone who would make a ceremony that reflected their values and who they were.”

By never working for a congregation, Quinn has felt free to create entirely custom ceremonies that reflect the couple, noting that “every marriage is different.” She was able to take forwarded requests for wedding ceremonies from religious profes...

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