Raising the Bar: Discussing Restaurant Workers’ Rights with Karen Fu

Raising The Bar Discussing Restaurant Workers Rights With Karen Fu

By Nafeesah Allen


As one of the top bartenders in New York City, Karen Fu has become well known among top-tier drink makers. Making her footprint bicoastal in Los Angeles has only further expanded her reach over the last two years, just in time for bars, clubs, and restaurants to close, open, and close again over the course of the pandemic. Never one to miss an opportunity, Fu has used this time to volunteer as Vice Chair of the Grantmaking and Nonprofit Partnerships committee and Editor of the COVID-19 Resource Page for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF). The pandemic has given restaurant owners and workers pause to reflect on the sustainability of the hospitality industry, especially with regard to decent wages to support their workers’ livelihoods. Fu recalls her journey from bartender to workers’ advocate and highlights the opportunities that COVID-19 provides patrons to level set on worker’s rights.


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