Social Media, Social Activism, and You

Social Media, Social Activism, And You

By Bianca Gonzalez


Activists have turned social media to document heightened injustices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As gathering for protests and community service projects now poses a health risk, many are taking their activism online. Here’s how activists are making an impact through social media marketing, and why your brand should do the same.

Online activism isn’t a product of the pandemic; it’s been gaining momentum for decades. Activists can easily share resources like this guide to safe protests. Black Lives Matter has successfully used social media marketing techniques like hashtags to amplify marginalized voices. The relationship between the media and social movements is a byproduct of mass media at large and not just the social networking era. Omar Wasow, Assistant Professor in Princeton’s Department of Politics, has studied the media’s role on activism for decades and believes that social media allows for more people to see the reality that marginali...

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