When Clubhouse is Not a Home for LGBTQ+ People

When Clubhouse is Not a Home for LGBTQ+ People

By Jon Higgins, Ed.D. (DoctorJonPaul) 


There are a lot of things to hate about the pandemic. From not being able to see your friends and family regularly, to being limited in the time you spend out of your home—much of the pandemic has left people feeling isolated and disconnected. However, both technology and social media have helped many people find new ways to build community with the help of apps like Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse, which is still in its beta phase, grants iOS users the ability to convene with people in different locations in real time, by invitation only. From topics ranging from politics to social justice, many of the rooms created by said users create the opportunity to learn about the thoughts and opinions from both celebrities and ordinary people who might have some important thoughts to add. 

Although many have praised the app for how it has amplified Black and Brown thought leaders making positive strides in their fields, there is always a downside...

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