A Mixed Experience: For Some, Clubhouse is Revolutionizing How Marginalized Communities Engage

Clubhouse Is Revolutionizing How Marginalized Communities Engage

By Vivian Iroanya


The invite-only audio app Clubhouse launched last March and has since skyrocketed in popularity, attracting politicians and celebrities like Elon Musk. 

Here, anyone can start a ‘room’ sparking conversations ranging from health to politics. But, as the app grows with over two million downloads and despite it being in beta testing mode, it seems to have partially benefitted marginalized communities. 

I spoke to some active users to analyze the true extent of this benefit and consider what makes this platform different from other social media apps.


‘Clubhouse gives you an opportunity to create whatever space you what’ 


Carolyn Wysinger (@cdubbthehost), president of San Francisco Pride and delegate for  California AD-15, joined Clubhouse in December. She’s also part of the ‘LGBTQIA Safe Space’ Club room with over 10,200 members.

“In some ways, Clubhouse has embraced marginalized communities,” she says. “Here, it’s all about...

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