Lil Nas X is Now a Children’s Book Author

Lil Nas X is Now a Children’s Book Author

By Bianca Gonzalez


With over 95% of teens having a smartphone, Lil Nas X gained mass appeal among young Gen Z social media users by strategically positioning calls-to-action on popular platforms with high engagement. For example, he anticipated how people would seek his music by “asking” members of the Name That Song Subreddit to identify his song from only a handful of lyrics. By positioning himself strategically on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter, he could widen his target audience by appealing to the many ways we consume content on the internet. 

Because young people on social media played such a large role in his success, Lil Nas X knows that his music is popular with kids, and took creating a children’s book as the next logical step in his career. In an interview with Publishers Weekly, the artist said, “with all the major success of ‘Old Town Road’ and the fact that kids were a big part of that, the opportunity to create a fun and educational book for them just made ...

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