Modern Black History in the Digital Age

Modern Black History in Digital Age

By Khariff Tyson


The first two decades of the 2000s were rich with events that will forever be remembered as pivotal moments of Black history—largely due to the rapid development of technology and social media. Black America has witnessed acts such as a Black man being elected a Georgia Senator and a Black woman being elected as Vice President, some of the highest seats of power in this country. However, we continue to be subjected to ruthless marginalization that has sustained an otherworldly experience for Black people for hundreds of years. 

I spoke with Dr. Akinyele Umoja, chair of the department of African American Studies at Georgia State University, historian of Black freedom movements and a longtime activist, to get his perspective on how technology has accelerated (and in some cases hindered) Black communities’ ability to connect and organize to fight for equality and equity.

“Social media is the primary way that people consume information and communicate wi...

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