The Fight Against White Supremacy Cannot Be Transactional

The Fight Against White Supremacy Cannot Be Transactional

By Cory Utsey


The existence of a world-wide pandemic would presumably take the spotlight in regards to issues that impact various communities. Yet, police brutality continues to take the lives of African-Americans, hate crimes rise against Asian Americans, and xenophobia continues to line the tensions at the border. 

Systemic racism of the pre-pandemic world, along with newfound bouts of prejudice, continuously plague BIPOC communities, and although the experiences of each group are different, they are all rooted in one common factor: white supremacy. 

White supremacy is deeply woven into every system that governs this country; it serves as the basis for the sustained oppression of marginalized groups, and especially people of color.

Although the dismantling of this system would likely eradicate many of the issues that affect BIPOC, its stronghold over these communities is so strong that it often positions these groups against one another.

To start, one of the ...

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