Women Making History Across Generations

Women Making History Across Generations

By Kayla Johnson 


Women have been stepping up to present and create innovative solutions to issues within various industries for years. Not only have they risen in the ranks of large companies, but they’ve begun creating their own. Generations of women, especially BIPOC women, have taken initiative to create the change they’ve grown tired of asking companies to make. As the pay gap persists along gender lines and diverse consumer needs continue to go unmet, BIPOC women are leading the tough conversations and actively working toward a more inclusive workforce.


Traditionally Male-Dominated Spaces

There is a very clear unfair bias toward women across all industries, especially in media and technology. This issue of gender diversity is even more pronounced in behind-the-scenes roles. Statista reports that only 19 percent of broadcast network programs employ female directors, and three quarters of all writers are men. Employment in the streaming industry has rep...

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