10 Black Women Academics to Watch in 2021

10 Black Women In Academics To Watch In 2021

This year has facilitated heightened exposure for Black women academics into the upper echelons of policy-making and business. From public health to poverty reduction, more and more Black women are straddling the fence between academics and advocacy. The growing visibility of the Cite Black Women movement is giving these scholars their due. The list below covers the top ten U.S.-based Black women academics to watch this year, as their social influence is predicted to exist both in the classroom and out.

Dr. Alondra Nelson was recently appointed as the Deputy Director for Science and Society for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Having previously served on the faculty of Yale and Columbia University, at the latter she was the inaugural Dean of Social Science and developed her work on the intersection between race and genetics. As medical discrimination takes on new levels of inquiry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Nelson and her work are expected to ac...

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