Black Experiences Can’t Be Commodified

There is a saying that one of the few good things about capitalism is the liberty it gives people to create and generate prosperity. However, said products and creativity are often contingent upon commodification of and harm toward Black people and Black culture equally. 
While we all play a role in what can be called racial capitalism, the greater issue—Black people being used to sell a product— is rarely interrogated. We see it with beauty products and even headphones, down to branding. 
In a world where everything seems to be marketable, how do so many corporations profit from the words, experiences, and images of Black culture without having Black people involved in the product development process? Understanding the violent history of Black people’s bodies being used to build the foundation of every system that America has profited from is critical in this discussion. 
The greater issue with racial capitalism is the way it impacts Black people as a whole. For centuries, bi...

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