Find the Right Causes for Your Brand

Find the Right Causes for Your Brand

By Bianca Gonzalez


While many brands successfully use their platforms to promote social change and clarify their business practices, others miss the mark through superficial virtue signaling. Here’s how you can find the right causes that your brand can support without simply virtue signaling.

Why implement a cause-based marketing strategy? With 88% of Americans saying they are interested in hearing about businesses’ corporate social responsibility efforts, brands are taking a stand on all kinds of political issues. But corporate social responsibility is only expected to become more popular in 2021 and requires that corporations go beyond basic marketing ethics and legal obligations to impact social issues. 

If you want to market your company based on its social impact, you must find a social issue that compliments your brand by finding a cause that aligns with it’s values. Findings from previous studies on corporate social responsibility reveal that “87% of Americans...

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