“Pinterest Presents” and the Power of Positivity in Marketing

"Pinterest Presents" and the Power of Positivity in Marketing

By Celina Jimenez


When it comes to achieving goals and making changes in our personal lives, we can’t deny the fact that a positive mindset is absolutely essential to success—even if we eventually feel burnt out by the constant reminders to “stay positive.” But the power of positivity is heavily ingrained in our collective consciousness for a reason—and it’s actually the secret key to successful, inclusive marketing strategies.  

Pinterest is a platform that has effortlessly leveraged that power of positivity from the very beginning, and it’s working. On March 3, the “Pinterest Presents” Virtual Summit premiered with a full lineup of Pinterest powerhouses and celebrities alike, including Dan Levy and Chrissy Teigen. On the agenda? The power of positivity and why it’s a game-changer for both brands and the people who love them. 

Advertising that prioritizes peoples’ moods and mindsets is proven to be more effective – and for marketers who are committed to creating inc...

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