understanding the lgbtq consumer market

10 LGBTQ+ Stats You Probably Didn’t Know About

In an era where diversity and inclusion are more important than ever in attracting consumers, brands are learning they have to do the work toward being better long-term allies, especially if they want their messages to be well-received. Here are 10 stats you probably didn’t know about LGBTQ+ consumers and targeted ads. 


  1. By 2004, it was estimated that over 35% of the top 100 companies in the U.S. has at some point or another directly targeted the Gay and Lesbian community with advertisements (Commercial Closet Association, 2010).
  2. According to a 2012 survey, gay consumers reported annual household incomes around $61,500, significantly higher than the national median of just over $50,000 (Prudential).
  3. Gay men (64%) and Lesbians (65%) agreed that when they find a brand they like, they are likely to make a point of telling their friends about it. That’s well above the average of all U.S. consumers (Community Marketing, Inc., July 2012).
  4. Research shows that 60% of the general population believe it is important that people of different genders are accurately portrayed in advertising. Even more – 66% – feel the same of sexual orientation (PrideAM).
  5. 61% of respondents who view LGBTQ+ themed ads perceived the brands as “caring,” while 52% of those who viewed generic-themed ads also viewed the brand as caring (Hornet, October 2017).
  6. In May 2017, 61% of responding LGBTQ+ consumers from the U.S. believed their lives were not sufficiently represented in advertising, as compared to 51% of general public respondents who said the same (YouGov, June 2017).
  7. 85% of surveyed LGBTQ+ community members agreed with the following statement: “Corporations that support the LGBTQ+ community are more important than ever” (Community Marketing, Inc., July 2019).
  8. 76% of surveyed LGBTQ+ community members say businesses that support and market to the LGBTQ+ community will get more of their business in the upcoming year (Community Marketing, Inc., July 2019).
  9. Nearly 8 in 10 self-identified LGBTQ+ viewers said that brands are doing a better job today than five years ago at representing LGBTQ+ people in their ads (Google Survey, May 2017).
  10. More than 75% of LGBTQ+ adults and their friends, family, and relatives say they would switch to brands that are known to be LGBTQ+ friendly (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, January 2018).
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