6 Companies That Support the LGBTQIA+ Community All Year

companies that support the LGBTQ community

As Pride Month comes to an end, many “ally” companies will be returning to their regularly scheduled heteronormative content. The rainbows will be removed from their avis, the Pride discount codes will be deactivated and their advertisements will no longer utilize queer creators. Representation of the LGBTQIA+ community will no longer be a priority because these types of companies “put their time in” already. 

Pride Month is supposed to be a time in which members of the queer community can celebrate the validity of their existence and pay homage to those who have fought, and continue to fight, for the liberation and equality of queer-identifying individuals. Unfortunately, powerful movements are often commodified by companies whose goal is not to aid in the fight, but rather to profit off of it. 

The phenomena of Pride Month pandering, along with the appropriation and commodification of queer culture through rainbow capitalism, has become increasingly prominent over the last few ...

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