How to Get the Most Out of A Multigenerational Work Environment

The average lifespan for humans is increasing as medicine continues to advance. With more generations on the planet alive and participating in the workforce than ever before in history, we've got access to a particularly diverse range of ideas in today’s workforce. Here's how you can get the most out of your multigenerational work environment.

Value outside experience. People from older generations may have years of experience in a field related to but different from their current position. On the other hand, despite being the most inexperienced in the workplace, Generation Z can learn new technology faster than any other generation and can even multitask between up to 5 screens at a time. While many Boomers are unlikely to learn technology at the same rate as the youngest generation—who has been using technology since birth—their lived experience inside and outside the workplace is something that only comes with time. As different as these generations are, their strengths complemen...

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