Black Women Creatives: In Conversation with Photographer Taesirat Yusuf

Taesirat Yusuf


If a photo is really worth a thousand words like the saying goes, then photographer Taesirat Yusuf’s work is worth a million.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Yusuf found her passion for photography in 2017 and has been steadily building her portfolio while using her work to emphasize the importance of Nigerian identity and representation.

“Photography has always been a way for me to express myself through my imagination and a way to let the world view things through my art. I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer, I just wanted to capture things that fascinated me and visualized my imagination,” says Yusuf.

One of Yusuf’s greatest skills lies in her ability to capture her subjects in a beautifully raw and intimate state. Looking at her work makes you feel as if you’ve just been invited into someone’s home and they’re saying, “this is me.”

“The best part of being a photographer, personally, is the joy that comes from seeing what I create having a positive effect on pe...

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