LGBTQ+ Culture Hits Mainstream but Community Faces Continued Stigma, Harm, and Erasure

LGBTQ+ Culture

America has become more familiar with the LGBTQIA+ community over the last twenty years, largely through media and entertainment along with landmark legislation that has prioritized the needs of queer individuals. LGBTQ+ culture has begun to shift from being viewed as a self-deprecating lifestyle to becoming a positive driving force behind many forms of mainstream entertainment in America. An array of this generation’s celebrity crushes, musical superstars, and political heroes identify somewhere on the queer spectrum. Some of today’s trendiest vernacular has roots in queer spaces, primarily within Black and Brown ones. Across music, literature, sports, film, and television, LGBTQ+ stories are shown to generate the most feedback for any televised or streamable event. While LGBTQ+ culture has proven lucrative for many people inside and outside of the community, the lived experiences of queer people has not progressed as significantly as their representation in popular media.


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