Opinion: In times of racial trauma, Black death shouldn’t be commodified

back tragedy and trauma in media

Star Trek Deep Space 9 has been one of my favorite series for years because of how it incorporates futurism and sci-fi, and includes Black leads in important roles. The same can be said about the Star Wars franchise and how, even if the focus is an intergalactic space war, Black characters get to exist in these settings without serving a minor purpose in the narrative.  

That said, I can’t help but notice the lack of diverse narratives in our creations as Black media is being produced today. Black media was once more free and diverse in both settings and story, but over time our most famous shows and movies have begun to strictly mirror real life and past tragedies faced by our community. With police brutality being a constant plight within the Black community paired with daily reminders of racism and white supremacy, it is clear where much of the inspiration comes from.

Understandably, it is important for Black people’s struggles to be recognized by both Black and non-Black peop...

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