What Brands Can Learn From Telfar’s Success


Throughout last year's apocalyptic pandemic, Black creatives persevered while the rest of the fashion world was rattled to its core and pressured to rethink the industry formula. Among the labels to adapt effortlessly to uncertain times was Telfar. The brand has rapidly evolved into a cultural phenomenon that is internationally recognized by the signature logo featuring Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens’ initials. Their social media marketing approach is clearly informed by their values of inclusivity and celebrating diversity and it has proven to be a fruitful strategy. What Telfar has done to build a solid core following is something brands across all industries can dissect and learn from when they’re trying to create strong and ethical strategies to tap into multicultural markets, especially through social channels and influencer campaigns. 


Telfar establishing itself as a household name began with their vegan leather, logo embossed crossbody bags. Initially rel...

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