Culture Hub Research: Black People Aren’t Buying It – A Closer Look At Black Consumers

  • Racial ambiguity is not an endorsement of Blackness.
  • Black people want to see more all Black nuclear and extended families.
  • Black Queer, non-binary, gender non-conforming, & LGBTQIA+ individuals are over being left out.

In a timely attempt to understand whether Black consumers are feeling the love from the brands and influencers they support the most, Bold Culture  launched a survey to capture sentiments around the notion of representation. As a companion piece that can be read alongside Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series, this survey’s qualitative results show that companies must figure out brand representation if they want to obtain and retain Black customers. There is no patience for ad companies that pontificate over whether representation means visuals or reputation; Black people say they are one in the same. In the United States, much of 2020 as the year of racial reckoning has come in the form of demanding that people of color, and Black people specifically, see themselves in all aspects of the companies that want their dollars. This has meant more models, subcontractors, employees, and leadership teams are Black and Brown. Companies are being held accountable for divesting from cit...

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