Echoes of Invention – The Future of Black Creativity

Echoes of Invention - The Future of Black Creativity

Black creatives are consistently brilliant while navigating professional obstacles and social oppression. Melissa Kimble, founder of #blkcreatives, knows Black creativity.  Her tweet, “Even in the middle of pandemics and protest, Black creativity is still our saving grace.” was featured on a Chicago billboard as part of a Black Lives Matter campaign.
Melissa has tuned her ears to the echoes. In dark places, an echo — the phenomenon that happens when sound bounces off a hard surface and returns to its origin — is useful for location and direction. During turbulent periods in American history, Black artists, musicians, and writers have imbued culture with the joy, pain, love, and heartbreak that represents the full spectrum of American life. While today's spotlight is on these Black creatives, Melissa remembers “no one else was using that term” when she first started in 2012.
When Ebony Magazine laid off Melissa and her entire team in 2017, she considered making a full-time comm...

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