How Women in Rap are Dominating by Leveraging Digital Communities

Women entered the rap industry in droves over the last few years, challenging the patriarchal narrative of the art form and setting new standards for what makes a hip-hop star. Origin stories of this new generation of women emcees are deeply rooted in social media. The influencer-to-mainstream pipeline is a popular strategy to penetrate any sector of entertainment and garner a following. This, however, can prove to be a recipe for 15 minutes of fame, with some artists burning out just as quickly as they began. Women rappers improved this formula by offering a distinct experience to communities that support them.
This mix of untapped talent and digital marketing ingenuity resulted in a boom of emerging women rappers. From Cardi B to Rico Nasty, these women have successfully leveraged their loyal fan bases and made it their mission to create women-centered unity within the rap community. From collaborating on records, cameo appearances in music videos and showing love all over t...

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