On Sewing and Living: An Interview with Adria Toliver On What To Do When Plans Fail

On Sewing and Living: What To Do When Plans Fail

Human resource manager, I/O psychologist, and Dallas native Adria Toliver has learned what custom clothiers have long known: A bespoke life is often the result of stitching together fabric for which we had other plans. In times past, dressmakers would preserve the cabbage, or leftover scraps, to create brilliant pieces. Adria has used this alchemy — commonly referred to as Black girl magic — to achieve professional success, travel the world, and stitch together a life she describes as happy, healthy, and whole. 
Adria’s straightforward approach to life has served her well, yet she has also learned to appreciate the detours. Initially she had dreams of becoming a criminal defense attorney but, during her senior year of high school, she decided on a new path. She enrolled at the all-women’s Agnes Scott College to the surprise of her family and friends, emboldened by the idea of “women being powerful enough to do anything they want to do.” It was there she fell in love with psych...

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