Why Intersectionality Is A Key Aspect Of Black Representation

Why Intersectionality Is A Key Aspect Of Black Representation?

The fight for proper and adequate representation of Black people in the media is one that has long existed.  When considering the fact that Black people were once portrayed by means of blackface and minstrel shows, the emergence of Black-lead productions, and even current initiatives such as Strong Black Lead, are indicative of a large and much needed shift of the narrative. However, in a study done by the National Research Group (NRG) entitled “#RepresentationMatters”, it was found that two in three Black Americans feel as though the portrayal of their stories is inadequate. 
To truly represent the diversity and multifacetedness that exists within the Black experience, these portrayals must be more intentional in their incorporation of intersectionality. The theory of intersectionality, a term coined by lawyer and civil rights activist Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, states that the various forms of discrimination and prejudice often overlap, working together to consolidate comple...

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