It’s not to early too get ready for Generation Alpha

Four diverse kids wear facemasks sit at table use wireless gadgets. Generation Alpha

Scientists have observed that the time between one generation and the next is shrinking because of rapid digital transformation: “so much so that generations are increasingly defined by the use of a technology rather than by historical or social events.” Defined as the age group born between 2010 and 2024, Generation Alpha is considered to be the first true digital natives, or a “more pure version of Generation Z,” and is expected to total 2 billion once the entire generation is born. Are we really ready for how Generation Alpha can change the game? Read on for more. 

Generation Alpha has only ever known a world where Instagram and iPads exist, both of which were released in 2010. Despite being the youngest generation, they have more spending power than previous generations. “81% of Gen Alpha kids significantly influence family purchases” while 46% of children 16 and under have direct access to an Amazon Prime account. They also live in a world that normalizes wearable technology. N...

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