10 Latinx Podcasts You Should Know About

September 15th is the start Hispanic Heritage Month which is meant to celebrate and recognize the contributions and cultures of Hispanic and Latinx Americans. Also in September, International Podcast Day (#InternationalPodcastDay) on September 30th, which focuses on the power of podcasts. To celebrate both, here are 10 Latinx podcasts Bold Culture recommends.

Latinx Therapy

Category: Health

This podcast was started in 2018 by trauma therapist, Adriana Alejandre, in hopes of shedding light on mental health topics relating to the Latinx community. Cultural and stigmatized themes are discussed in this weekly podcast with Latinx mental health professionals, doctors, psychologists and more. With episodes on immigrant youth’s mental health, alcohol abuse, and dealing with grief within the Latinx community, this is one podcast everyone can benefit from.

Tres Cuentos Literary Podcast

Category: Literature

For anyone who wants to learn more about Latinx writers and literature, Tres Cuentos is the podcast for you. Started by Carolina Quiroga-Stultz in 2018, this bilingual seasonal podcast narrates all types of literature and later reflects on the cultural relevance and historical aspects of each story. Covering a wide range of genres such as science fiction, horror, and mythology you’re bound to walk away with a new array of authors to check out.

Latino Rebels Radio

Category: Culture

Using comedy, satire, and analysis to explore the world of US Latinx issues, this weekly podcast features episodes on current events, colorism, the history of reggaetón and everything in between. A 2019 iHeart Radio Podcast Awards nominee for Best Multicultural Podcast, this one is perfect for anyone wanting to stay up to date on Latinx issues within the US in a space that’s nonjudgmental and wants to have fun as much as they want to learn.

Café Con Pam Podcast

Category: Career

Started by Pam Covarrubias in 2016, the mission of this weekly podcast is to create a platform where Latinx folks can share their stories and inspire one another through conversation. With interviews from a wide variety of Latinx professionals such as writer, Sandra Cisneros, each episode aims to educate listeners on leaders that are breaking barriers and making the world a better for place for Latinx people living in the US. As the title suggests, this is the perfect podcast to listen to with a warm cup of coffee in the morning.


Category: Culture

If you’ve ever asked yourself “WTF?” when it comes to Latinx culture, then this is the podcast for you. Started in 2019 by two college students, Josh P. and Carla G., this quarterly podcast discusses topics from lessons learned from telenovelas, iconic myths, food, and weird traditions. Using humor and personal anecdotes, WTF LATINX is all about gaining a deeper understanding of Latinx culture.

Modern Immigrant

Category: Self-help

Modern Immigrant started in 2020 when creator Vero Well had the desire to discuss immigration and have real conversations with real people. As an immigrant herself, Well’s wanted to create a community and space for fellow immigrants to share their stories and discuss topics related to the immigrant experience. Narrated in both English and Spanish, Well interviews immigrants on topics from the importance of farmworkers to why immigrants change their name. For anyone curious to learn more about the realities of being an immigrant, this is the perfect podcast to listen to.

Latinos Out Loud

Category: Comedy
Back in 2017, sketch comedians Rachel “La Loca” Strauss-Muniz, Jaime “Jfernz” Fernandez and conspiracy theorist, Frank Nibbs, decided to combine all their interests into one podcast that features improv and sketch bits, jokes on pop culture, impressions, and uplifting stories. Made for Latinx by Latinx, this podcast aims to inspire people everywhere to move forward while making space for a good laugh.

Moneda Moves

Category: Finance

Multimedia producer Lyanne Alfaro started Moneda Moves in 2020 to discuss Latinx in business and their relationship with money. Speaking with the next generation of entrepreneurs, Alfaro covers topics from navigating personal finances, building wealth, and how to start and lead a business as a Latinx. This podcast is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about business leaders within the community and the role Latinx plays within the American economy.

Anything for Selena

Category: Culture

For anyone who’s a fan of the Tex-Mex legend Selena Quintanilla, this podcast is for you. Started in 2021 by Maria Garcia, this nine-part series recounts Selena’s story and uses her rise to stardom as a lens for which to further discuss race and Latinx identity within the US. Garcia describes this as a podcast all about belonging and struggling with one’s own identity and what Selena’s legacy can teach us.

Wait, Hold Up!

Category: Lifestyle

Jessica Molina and Yarel Ramos are Latina millennials just doing their best to figure out this thing we call life. Sound familiar? If so, you need to check out this podcast which covers everything from careers, self-care, spirituality, and personal improvement. This lifestyle podcast also delves into the latest pop culture moments and politics and what we can learn from them.


Elizabeth Alvarado is a multimedia freelance journalist with a passion for exploring social issues within communities of color. Based in Washington State, she has covered the Latinx community around Seattle and has worked abroad in Mexico City reporting on women’s issues. Through her writing, she aspires to give a voice to those who feel they aren’t being heard. Twitter: @lizthejourno

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