4 Latinxs Who Are Shaping the Future of Advertising, Media and Communications

Equal representation in the workplace has never been more of a hot topic than it is right now. The message is loud and clear: people want to see more diversity in the people who are leading the companies and brands receiving their money. Across the board, the fact remains: performative activism is not enough. It’s not enough for white-founded companies to commit to workplace diversity – we need diversity to be the foundation. 

So what does this mean for the Latinx population? In a country where Latinx purchasing power currently sits at over $1.7 trillion and Latinas are the fastest-growing sector of the entrepreneurial market, it only makes sense that leaders within the marketing, communications and advertising industries should reflect that. 

Latinx entrepreneurs are doing incredible work in creating a more equitable industry, one that more fairly represents the endless spectrum of Latinx identity and creates space for a new generation to succeed in traditionally white male-domi...

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