How Companies Can Implement Suicide Prevention Practices in the Workplace

suicide prevention practices in the workplace

Mental health awareness in the workplace is a tricky topic. Most employers want to present a happy front to the public, and to their employees, intimating everything is fine and "there's nothing to see here." But the truth is, without long-term mental health awareness and transparency in work environments, holding events for National Suicide Prevention Week will be worthless in your office. 

Mental health and death by suicide are inextricably linked. Depression, anxiety, despair, and hopelessness can combine to make a person feel worthless, like the world would be better without them in it. Toxic workplace cultures can not only make a person's existing mental health conditions much worse, they can create them. Having an open work environment where mental health care is taken seriously can lead to better outcomes in preventing death by suicide.

One of the first things companies will have to do is admit that there are definitely toxic work environments out there. From small busines...

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