Media Diary of a Millennial Latinx Woman

Elizabeth Alvarado

As of 2020, it’s estimated that the average person worldwide spends 463 minutes (or 7.5 hours) per day consuming media. As a Latinx millennial, I read that number and couldn’t fathom how anyone could spend that much time consuming media – but after tracking my own consumption for the week, I found that I was averaging around 10 hours a day. With that accounting for nearly half the day, I had to ask myself the following questions: What am I interacting with the most, and what am I getting out of this?


Every week, there are two shows I absolutely can’t miss: Ted Lasso and Bachelor In Paradise.

Ted Lasso follows an American football coach who gets hired to coach a Premier League football (what we refer to as “soccer” here in the U.S.) team in London, even though he has never coached a soccer team before and knows virtually nothing about the sport. 

As someone who couldn’t care less about sports, it surprises me how much I genuinely love this show – specifically the ...

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