Goya Foods: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Goya Foods has been a staple brand for Latinos in the US and other parts of the world for years. But after CEO Robert Unanue praised Donald Trump—a figure known for heralding immigration policies that violate basic human rights, using discriminatory rhetoric against Mexicans, and many other problematic behaviors—prominent Latinx figures like AOC, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and other celebrities called for a boycott of Goya’s products. 

While the tension around Goya has dissipated in recent months, it still leaves many consumers concerned about the impact of supporting this company. 

Considering the words of a CEO will probably always reflect the company in some sense. Goya's  board of directors officially censured Unanue after his appearance on the Fox Business Channel, where he casted doubt on Biden’s election after the January 6 invasion of the US Capitol Building. 

“Bob does not speak for Goya Foods when he speaks on TV,” said one board member of the family-owned business.“The fam...

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