How Latina Women in Horror Movies are Reclaiming Their Power

By Andrea Gomez 

In mainstream media, Latinx women are seen as disposable, passive, and two-dimensional. They make choices that firmly take control of their fates, and by doing so, are pushing the tropes that have plagued them in the media.

Historically, Latina characters are reduced to the “spicy” femme fatale, ready to steal love and induce fury. On the flip side, they are shells in the form of maids, waiters, migrant workers, placed into stories for trauma points. They are either hypersexualized or devoid of it all -- with no room for nuance. 

In the process, they are robbed of their own personhood. Their ability to make choices is completely dependent on the best solution for the Anglo protagonists. 

While Hollywood attempts to change this portrayal, the contemporary horror genre has cultivated its mark in defiance. The women are fierce in their rage and terror, yet hold an emotional depth not easily found outside of the genre. 

La Llorona (2019) by Jayro Bustamante ...

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