On the Continued Importance of National Coming Out Day

national coming out day

By Lindsey Danis

For National Coming Out Day, Bold Culture interviewed several people about the value the day holds for them.

October 11 is National Coming Out Day, a day when LGBTQIA+ people are encouraged to celebrate their sexuality through a public coming out ritual of their choice. In a world where expansive gender and sexuality options are not only tolerated, but celebrated, does National Coming Out Day still matter? 

National Coming Out Day started in 1988. This was the height of the AIDS epidemic, when many LGBTQIA+ people were ashamed of their sexuality because HIV/AIDS was thought to be a gay men's disease. Coming out was almost unthinkable due to social stigma and the lack of legal protection for queer individuals. If people realized they knew someone who was LGBTQIA+, they wouldn't hate and oppress queer people, believed Robert Eichsberg, the event’s co-founder.

In most places, it’s no longer a big deal to be queer. LGBTQIA+ adults make up 5.6 percent of the US ...

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