Three Things Black Moms Want Right Now

what black moms want

It should go without saying that Harvard’s assessment that “America is failing Black mothers” applies to more than just the health care system. Maternal and child health is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless ways that Black mothers don’t see their issues reflected, addressed, or taken seriously by mainstream American service providers or consumer industries. 
Turns out, there are many resources that Black moms need that it seems that no one - except other Black moms - has come to realize are even missing. This gap is partially because Black motherhood is largely misunderstood. The images of Black moms as predominantly single mothers doesn’t sync with reality - no one ever raises a child alone. Our intergenerational, blended, and extended families are rendered invisible. And, although Black women make nearly $1 million less than white men over the course of our careers, it doesn’t mean we’re all working poor. Black life is diverse and complex, as is the case for B...

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