When Black Womxn Leave, Money Follows

Ajah Hales Headshot

It all started with Michaela Coel turning down a million dollar Netflix deal. The British born Black actress chose mental health and creative control over money. “It wasn’t just a check, I needed to know what was behind the check and exactly how things were operating.” 

When Coel asked for a producer’s credit for I May Destroy You—a deeply intimate project Coel wrote, produced and starred in—the streaming service balked. Kadiff Kirwan, Coel’s co-star on Chewing Gum and longtime friend, said it best: “It’s like she built this house and gave the keys to someone, and they locked her out of different rooms in her own house, which is absolute bullshit.”

Coel wasn’t having it. “I began to enjoy realizing that they thought I was...just going to take it, then being like ‘Surprise bitches, I’m not taking it.’ And then actually I was really empowered... I will be left homeless and poor, and I will say no to this.” She wasn’t the first Black womxn to opt out of a toxic situation, despite st...

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