8 Indigenous and Native American Influencers You Should Know

Indigenous people have historically been erased in several spaces. But in this digital era, that narrative is quickly becoming history. As social media continues to advance, an influx of diverse digital creators are breaking barriers. Indigenous content creators, in particular, are beginning to redefine the word “influencer.” From sharing thoughts, struggles, and cultural lessons to revolutionizing industries such as wellness, beauty, and fashion, Indigenous influencers are shifting the culture.

If you’re looking to diversify your timeline and amplify Indigenous voices, we’ve compiled a list of 8 Indigenous and Native American influencers to support. 


Charlie of Diné Aesthetics

From the Navajo Nation, Charlie of Diné Aesthetics is a trans-femme self-care enthusiast, writer, and photographer. Charlie utilizes their Diné Aesthetics blog and accounts across on Instagram and TikTok to inspire joy and advocated for justice for Black, Brown Indigenous,queer and trans folks...

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