Melissa Adeyemo: Nollywood and Black Hollywood share a go-getter spirit

Melissa Adeyemo

Nigerian American film producer Melissa Adeyemo is a rising star in the film industry in the U.S. and on the continent. Her work straddles both the Nigerian film industry and the Black American big screen, with plotlines that bring together compelling and nuanced stories about Black people living all over the world. She recently founded her own production company and launched Eyimofe, her first feature film released in both Lagos and New York City. She sat down with Bold Culture to discuss her early beginnings in New Jersey, her big break in New York City, and future projects that deliver on her ethos of highlighting global Black life on the silver screen.

Bold Culture: How do you identify?

Melissa Adeyemo: I believe I am Nigerian and American in every sense, so I traditionally identify as Nigerian-American and, if not that, African-American. I am Newark-born, and while not fully bred there, it is what I consider to be my hometown. Newark, New Jersey gave me a sense of pride in m...

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