Netflix, Dave Chappelle’s The Closer, and Trans Workers: an Intersectional Perspective

dave chappelle

Since Dave Chappelle’s The Closer was added to Netflix’s content library early October 2021, there’s been a public back and forth of sorts between Netflix co-CEOs, Dave Chappelle, and those who think his comedy is anti-trans. The most palpable perspectives on the issue have either been from white LGBTQ people or straight people of all ethnicities. However, in order to unpack the controversy, we need to look at this from an intersectional perspective. Read on for more. 
Where it all went wrong for Netflix
While his comedy has always been edgy, in Dave Chappelle’s newest set, he leans into the limited perception most straight people have of the LGBTQ community. Many went on to call the set transphobic. The controversy grew heated after Tara Field, an engineer for Netflix who is also a trans woman, was suspended after tweeting her disapproval of Chappelle’s special. Netflix clarifies that they did not fire Field for speaking out against the special but for trying to attend a director le...

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