Walker & Company’s Tia Cummings on Why Diversity is the Formula for Success

Tia Cummings

The most bandied around word in multicultural marketing is authenticity. Companies want it, agencies say they have it, and consumers make decisions based on it. During the summer of 2020, many Black people and people of color viewed corporate America’s multi-million dollar pledges and lofty promises with cynicism. Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been a perennial topic for these organizations and their ad agencies, and most times the public conversation didn’t seem to align with internal practices. Tia Cummings is a star executive showing companies how they can get it right by hiring and empowering the right talent.

Tia’s professional response to last year’s health and political crises came from a personal place. As Vice President of Marketing for a consumer startup brand Walker and Company, Tia saw opportunities to show that her company understood her target market and invested directly into the community. As pandemic restrictions took effect, the company contributed significa...

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