Culture Hub’s Top 10 Black Insights for 2021

top 10 black insights of 2021

This year seems to have flown by, especially in comparison to its predecessor, 2020. 

Most of us spent the majority of 2021 under lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, yet this was also a year of reopening international borders, office doors, your local coffee shops, cafes, and the reconvening of extended family for the holidays. The year 2021 has certainly shifted “norms” across the nation. As we get closer to wrapping up an eventful and unexpected year, we at Bold Culture are reflecting on our most popular insights of 2021 covering the needs, interests, and expectations of historically marginalized people. 

Stepping into 2022, how will your company better cater to diverse consumers and employees in a way that enacts lasting change? Will you listen? Will you empathize? Will you transform company culture? Bold is here to offer the insights you need to make it happen.

Here are Culture Hub’s Top 10 Black Insights for 2021:


10. Hanifa: Black-Owned Brand Shaping the Fashion Industry

Congolese, Maryland-based designer and entrepreneur, Anifa Mvuemba launched Hanifa Clothing in 2012, a brand dedicated to women of color and figures passing the standard sample size. Mvuemba has demonstrated her potential as a groundbreaking designer in the fashion industry that champions the deliberate inclusion of women of color.


9. 10 must-read articles by Dr. Janice Gassam to get you to speed on the importance of DEI in America

This article is a crash course in the top 10 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-focused articles by one of the U.S.’ foremost #DEI trainers, Dr. Janice Gassam Asare. DEI content changes rapidly and is fast churning. This round-up offers readers a place to catch up quickly on the most salient issues in the field.


8. Why Intersectionality Is A Key Aspect Of Black Representation

The fight for proper and adequate representation of Black people in the media is one that has long existed.  When considering the fact that Black people were once portrayed by means of blackface and minstrel shows, the emergence of Black-lead productions, and even current initiatives such as Strong Black Lead, are indicative of a large and much needed shift of the narrative.


7. A Q&A with Darnell Moore: Author and Netflix’s Director of Inclusion Strategy for Content and Marketing

Bold Culture connects with Moore to discuss all things DEI, including what inclusion means to him and advice for professionals working in the DEI space.


6. The Danger of the Black Women Superhero Trope

To many, Black women did save America in 2020, and without Black women’s impact on the local and national elections, outcomes would be completely different. The notion that ‘Black women saved America’ is harmful and places an unfair burden on the shoulders of Black women.


5. The New Face of Corporate Diversity: Bendita Malakia Interview

Bendita Cynthia Malakia (she/her) is a rising name in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) advocacy space, with emphasis on  representation for LGBTQIA+ and racial minorities in the legal field. 


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The Danger of the Black Women Superhero Trope

4. Why the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Must Prioritize Black Womxn 

It is not enough for any company to prioritize the vague goal of “expanding diversity” without making a distinct effort to understand the unique challenges that Black womxn face in the workplace. Legitimate diversity and inclusion can only be achieved when everyone has equal access to opportunities. 


3. 10 Black Women Academics to Watch in 2021 – This list covers the top ten U.S.-based Black women academics to watch this year, as their social influence is predicted to exist both in the classroom and out.


2. Michelle Cadore: From Glass Ceiling to Creative Entrepreneur

Brooklyn-native creative and serial entrepreneur Michelle Cadore is the mind behind the YES I AM brand highlighted by Jennifer Hudson in partnership with Mastercard to uplift Black women business owners. In this interview, Cadore shares how being overlooked for a promotion helped her leave her once promising career to pursue entrepreneurship.


1. Equius’ Erica Merritt On Companies Uncovering Hard Truths to Build Better Workplaces

Meet elephant tamer and entrepreneur Erica Merritt, the creative genius behind Equius Consulting Group. Equius uses organizational assessments, planning, design, facilitation, coaching, and training to teach companies to do the difficult ‘head and heart work’ of reforming their organizational culture.


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