Culture Hub’s Top 10 Latine Insights of 2021

culture hub top latinx/latine insights

This year seems to have flown by, especially in comparison to its predecessor, 2020. 

Most of us spent the majority of 2021 under lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, yet this was also a year of reopening international borders, office doors, your local coffee shops, cafes, and the reconvening of extended family for the holidays. The year 2021 has certainly shifted “norms” across the nation. As we get closer to wrapping up an eventful and unexpected year, we at Bold Culture are reflecting on our most popular insights of 2021 covering the needs, interests, and expectations of historically marginalized people. 

Stepping into 2022, how will your company better cater to diverse consumers and employees in a way that enacts lasting change? Will you listen? Will you empathize? Will you transform company culture? Bold is here to offer the insights you need to make it happen.

Here are Culture Hub’s Top 10 Latine Insights of 2021:

10. What is the Latinx Diaspora? Scholars and society break it down

With a U.S. population of over 330 million people, this means that at least 17% of the nation identifies as having Latinx roots. So what is the Latinx diaspora? This article breaks it down, shares insights from community members, and also includes a recommended reading list to expand your awareness.

9. Decolonizing Hispaniola: Unifying Against Anti-Blackness Together

In this piece, Kevely Ferreira explores the controversial topic of anti-blackness and anti-haitianismo, specifically between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and what we can do to lift the barriers and start building bridges through active thinking and awareness.. 

8. Coming of Age as Thick-Haired in America 

Although her parents intended to raise her with love and self-acceptance, the rejection that Luisana’s looks used to receive everywhere else made her feel highly discouraged and crushed her self-esteem at a very young age. Learn more through this personal insight.

7. Latinx, Hispanic Or Latine: It’s not the label that matters

The issues that affect the Latinx community are more important than the label (Hispanic vs. Latinx vs. Latine, etc). The demographics of the Latinx community will continue to change and there is no one right way to identify.

6. 9 Latinx Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leaders & Doers You Should Know

Here are a few Latinx thought leaders and doers you should keep on your radar because aside from their day-to-day responsibilities, every decision they make is with the importance of diversity in mind.

5. How Petrona Xemi, a Two-Spirit Trans Womxn From El Salvador, is Preserving History and Shaping the Future…One Language At a Time

Petrona Xemi Tapepechul is a powerhouse. A consummate creative – she is a playwright, actress, and model. The Two-Spirit Transgender woman from Kuskatan land (now known as El Salvador) is also a language worker and educator. I wanted to speak with Xemi about her journey – becoming a polyglot, learning Nawat (a native language of central America, in danger of extinction), and how it ties with her work as an educator and activist. 

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4. Celebrate These Latina-Owned Businesses

There is an ongoing Latina Beauty movement to foster acceptance and self-love. Latinx women come in all different skin tones, body shapes, and hair types, and it is important to celebrate their vast beauty. These skin, hair, and beauty and accessory brands are created by Latinx women for their communities and demonstrate the cultural influence behind the brands and the impact they are bringing to their communities.

3. Embracing the Liminal: Exploring the Intersection of Latinx and Trans Identities

Individuals that experience multiply marginalization require intersectionality-minded support, both in and out of the workplace. The Latinx umbrella is not monolithic, similar to how the trans/non-binary umbrella is not monolithic. Learn from Rudy Ramirez’s experience in this moving personal insight.

2. Asian and/or Latinx within Academia? Marlo de Lara unpacks being Filipina in Media & Fine Arts

Marlo de Lara’s photo should appear next to the word “intersectional” in this century’s cultural encyclopedia. The Filipina-American is currently a 2021 Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellow, one of just two dozen people selected for a year-long intensive leadership experience for artists, culture bearers and other arts practitioners. Learn more about her in this Bold Culture interview

1. 15 Latinx YouTubers You Should Follow – And Why

The rise of micro-influencers means new faces, more representation, and more quality content. In this article, we share our favorite Latinx Youtubers, ranging from English to Spanish speakers, beauty to gaming vloggers, and from a range of origins across Latin America and Mexico.

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