Vangst’s Ciera Parks on What the Cannabis Industry Can Teach Us About Diversity and Social Equity

Ciera Parks Headshot

As more states legalize cannabis, there’s been growing public concern to ensure marginalized people are getting a fair shot at licenses for the production, distribution, marketing, and sale of cannabis. What seems to be overlooked in the mainstream conversation is the hiring and retention of the people who work in this industry. Job positions are created and are filled with the same people, which creates the problems that other major industries face.

Cannabis has long been stigmatized by the government and society at large, and there have been material, life-altering consequences for its use and distribution. Those consequences have disproportionately affected racialized groups. With the historic and enduring impact on those groups and communities, it's time we ask: What does social equity look like in a once burgeoning, now towering industry with this kind of social, political, and economic baggage?

This is a question we've asked Ciera Parks, a human resources leader at Vangst, ...

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