Dear Maria: Happy Hour Gone Wrong

Dear Maria, this is my first time writing  something like this, but I am writing today because my colleague announced that he was pansexual while out for after work drinks. Now the team can't stop snickering about it when we’re around the office; they keep asking what it means and if he’s just gay. As another straight man, what should I do to help these guys understand? I feel bad for him, but I also feel he exposed too much for coworkers. 
-Not So Happy Hour
Hi there, I hope you're well my friend! I’ll say this, I am proud that as a heterosexual identifying male you feel inclined to speak up on this issue. This is not always so common so kudos to you for taking a stance. I’m laughing because I want to tell you to just ask them to do their damn research and that it’s 2021 so stop being cavemen!!! For that alone, this article from Rolling Stone may be super useful for them. 

However your situation is layered because these are coworkers and that kind of “locker room” talk shouldn't ...

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