What is Missing White Woman Syndrome and Why is It Killing BIPOC Women


2021 was a wake-up call in many ways. Sound bites of inclusivity and big social movements blared across our TVs, podcasts, and social media handles, yet we are inundated with the plague of the Missing White Woman Syndrome. The world is drenching in sweat, shouting for equality, and the racial reckoning seemed to have put us all on high alert for implicit bias and criminal justice. Many of us searched for ways to erase the invisibility around the causes and people most likely to be marginalized. Yet, an age-old blind spot reemerged as surely as the sun rises in the east. The media fascination with endless searches for missing white women and girls is only paralleled by the tireless reminders that justice will be served for them and that someone will answer for their absence and/or death. 

This is the true embodiment of the Missing White Woman Syndrome, which is not new. This atrocity was first named by groundbreaking news journalist Gwen Ifill. True crime scholar Jean Murley elaborat...

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