Sponsoring Disabled Talent

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Please note: The issue of person-first or identity-first language in disabled communities is a complex one. Whereas some persons with disabilities prefer to have their personhood highlighted, other disabled people see their disability as an integral part of their lives and want to remove the stigma associated with words such as disabled or autistic by putting them front and center in their personal identification. Person-first and identity-first language will be used interchangeably in this article to respect the perspectives of both sides. 


Sponsorship is a wonderful way for senior employees to cultivate talent by helping junior employees develop and advance their careers. Studies show sponsored employees make up to 12% more than unsponsored peers and are promoted more regularly. But the benefits aren’t all for the employees. Companies who actively sponsor disabled talent, a pool of more than 10 million persons as of 2018, show greater employee retention and improved prod...

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