Where are the Native Americans in the Cannabis Industry? An Interview with Chenae Bullock of Little Beach Harvest

Cultural heritage months are usually a time to focus on small businesses that are owned and operated by communities of color. Yet, Native American heritage month is often overshadowed by other November holidays and shopping seasons. The effort to reclaim the month in the interest of Indigenous narratives has helped shed light on Indigenous business owners and the challenges they face. According to an October 2021 U.S. Census small business report, “there were an estimated 26,064 American Indian and Alaska Native-owned businesses with $35.8 billion in receipts, 215,049 employees and about $8.7 billion in annual payroll.” The American Indian Business Association has created a searchable business directory and the Beyond Buckskin boutique has made a similar effort for apparel brands. However, some industries are harder to find representation than others. Chenae Bullock, a lead member of the Shinnecock Nation based in the Hamptons, recently partnered with cannabis company TILT to launch Sh...

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