Bold & Visionary – perspectives of an Asian woman and nonprofit professional, Kabo Yang

Kabo Yang Headshot

It definitely isn’t easy having your voice heard and prioritized as a woman, and the lack of consideration doubles when you’re a woman of color. Kabo Yang, nonprofit professional and adjunct professor, knows this better than anyone. Kabo was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after her parents fled Laos for safety in 1975. Seeing as they already had family in St. Paul and Minnesota was processing family visas at the time, her parents made the decision to relocate there. Aided by nonprofit and culturally specific outreach organizations, Kabo grew up in public housing and surrounded by a strong community. Her extended family gradually moved to Minnesota, making the snowy state their new home.

Kabo’s journey into the nonprofit sector came partly from a desire to give back to organizations similar to those that helped her family, and partly due to chance. She started out as an office assistant for a nonprofit legal services organization and as she learned more about the sector, she real...

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